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About Us

HEAT is an independent energy auditing company located in the Phoenix metropolitan area and operates statewide, offering $99 energy audits for APS, SRP and ED3 homeowners. HEAT has been serving homes since 2009.

The Arizona utility companies, APS, SRP and ED3 are part of the Home Performance with Energy Star Program HPwES), which is a national program through the U.S. Department of Energy. Homeowners are incentivized through this program to have a $99 energy audit conducted on their home. An energy audit is typically a $400 to $500 value, but through this program, homeowners only pay $99. The energy audit can not only find ways for homeowners to reduce their electric bills, but it can also determine whether your home is safe from carbon monoxide leaks and poor air quality, as well as, ensuring all of your rooms are comfortable. If you are experiencing uncomfortable, hot stuffy rooms, a dusty home, high electric bills, or poor air flow, then you should have an energy audit conducted on your home. An added benefit to working with the Home Performance with Energy Star Program is that you may qualify for rebates through the utility company. The energy audit will determine whether your qualify for duct work, insulation and solar rebates and tax credits.

  • Blower Door Test

    Depressurizes your home to determine duct leakage and the homes whole leakage.

  • Thermal Images

    Determines whether there is heat penetrating your home.

  • Combustion Appliance Testing

    Determines whether dangerous carbon monoxide is leaking into your home from your gas appliances.

  • Complete Home Energy Inspection

    Inspects your appliances, including your HVAC, pool pump, and water heater. Checks the duct system for leaks. Measures insulation levels. Checks the attic for wire penetrations and voids where dust and heat enter your home.


We have excellent rapport with our customers. These are actual reviews taken from the SRP energy audit website.

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